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Fit & Fierce Challenge

Cross Training Challenge for Pole Dancers

Complete 5 classes a week for 4 weeks

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What our challengers are saying

Thank you so much for a fun challenge!  I didn’t expect to improve this much!  Looking forward to the next one.


It was so much fun and I love the results I’m seeing.


I really do feel stronger doing the exercises and what I got most out of this challenge was learning proper technique!  I’ll continue to use these challenge classes.


I want to thank you all for all of your hard work in creating the Fierce & Fit Challenge! I will definitely will be doing the challenge over again, probably more than once!  I thoroughly enjoyed it! 



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What is our Fit & Fierce Challenge?

Are you ready to level up your strength?

For just $59, you'll gain lifetime access to the entire challenge— no need for a recurring Divas On Demand Membership! This challenge is open to anyone.

  • Complete 5 x 30-minute strength classes a week for 4 weeks

  • 7 classes to choose from each week - 5 non-pole - 2 pole

  • 2 bonus warm-up videos

  • Stay motivated by tracking your progress

  • Exclusive membership to our Facebook group, where you can connect with our expert instructors, ask questions, and celebrate your accomplishments!

  • All videos are available as soon as you purchase.

You might be wondering what equipment you need for this challenge. Great news! You only need some floor space, a booty band, and a theraband, how easy is that?! You do NOT need a pole. This challenge is for everyone BUT for those with access to a pole, you will have 2 pole conditioning classes to choose from each week. 

If you are a current Divas on Demand member you get 50% off the challenge. Email info@poledivas.com.au to request your exclusive promo code

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There is no better feeling than knowing your strength is improving. We want to see those gains!!!!

  • In 30 seconds show us how many you can do of each of the following exercises at the start of the challenge

    • Push Ups

    • Pole Climb

    • Pull Ups

    • Leg Tension holds

    • Ab - V sit

  • Each exercise has multiple levels so you pick which progression works for you!

  • At the end of the challenge - retest yourself and check out your amazing results!

  • You can pick 1 exercise or all 5, it's totally up to you

  • Share your progress on socials and tag us @poledivasondemand on Instagram. We absolutely love seeing and celebrating your progress!

See example metrics below

Push Ups

Pull Ups

Leg Lifts


Ab V Sit

Start anytime!

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