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Fit 15 - 28 day express challenge

Complete a 15-minute class every day for 28 days, that's it! 

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Free for all members OR buy once, own forever

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What is our Fit 15 Challenge?

A challenge for EVERYONE! All fitness levels, no pole required, and only 15 minutes a day. Can you find a reason not to take on the challenge?

  • Start anytime!

  • Complete a 15-minute express workout every day for 4 weeks

  • Finish the week off with an express stretch on Sunday

  • Take the thinking out of your training

  • Do you want to increase the intensity? Why not do every class twice a day!

  • No pole required

  • Classes with all your favorite DOD instructors; Jess, Mischka, Shannon, Caz and MORE

You might be wondering what equipment you need for this challenge. You only need some floor space, some light hand weights or canned food, yoga blocks, a massage ball, and a foam roller. 

This challenge is included for FREE for all current DOD members or can be purchased once and owned forever for $39.99

Ready for the challenge? Join now!


What our challengers are saying

Thank you so much for a fun challenge!  I didn’t expect to improve this much!  Looking forward to the next one.


It was so much fun and I love the results I’m seeing.


I really do feel stronger doing the exercises and what I got most out of this challenge was learning proper technique!  I’ll continue to use these challenge classes.


I want to thank you all for all of your hard work in creating the Fierce & Fit Challenge! I will definitely will be doing the challenge over again, probably more than once!  I thoroughly enjoyed it! 



Start anytime!

FREE for all current DOD members. Sign up today OR purchase once and own forever. 

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