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Flex Frenzy Challenge

Complete 5 stretch classes a week for 4 weeks. Start anytime!

Only $49 for LIFETIME access

What is our Flex Frenzy Challenge?

Are you ready to elevate your flexibility? Need some accountability along the way? Look no further! We have the perfect online flexibility challenge for you!

For just $49, you'll gain lifetime access to the entire challenge— no need for a recurring Divas On Demand Membership!

  • 5 x 30-minute varied stretch classes per week for 4 weeks, gradually increasing in intensity

  • 2 bonus warm-up videos, an upper body and a lower body warm-up

  • Stay motivated with stretch markers that will help you set goals and inspire you to keep pushing yourself

  • Exclusive membership to our Facebook group, where you can connect with our expert instructors, ask questions and celebrate your accomplishments!

You might be wondering what equipment you need for this challenge. Great news! You only need some floor space, 2 yoga blocks, and a theraband, how easy is that?! You do NOT need a pole. This challenge is for everyone!

If you are a current Divas on Demand member you get 50% off the challenge email info@poledivas.com.au to receive your exclusive promo code


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To help keep you motivated and on track we suggest taking before and after shots. Often we feel like we're not improving but then you see the photo evidence and it's a huge motivator!!! 

Be sure to tag @poledivasondemand in your progress shots on Instagram as we would love to watch your progress through the challenge!

Flex Frenzy Timetable - start the challenge when it suits you! 

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