Pole Divas On Demand

Winter Challenge

Join us in June for our first Divas On Demand challenge!

This winter it's about less frost and more frisk! Open to all active subscribers.

Not a current subscriber? Join the challenge!

5 reasons to do the challenge

Struggling to find the inspo to get out of your oodie? Workout at home with your Divas instructors and get involved with our new Winter Challenge.

  • 24 new classes dropping in June!

  • Classes will be released at 5am on Monday-Thursday, and Saturdays, so will be available to do in your own time during the day.

  • Join our Facebook Group & stay accountable with our Challenger Checklist.

  • No pole is required and it's open to all levels.

  • Prizes to be won!!

The challenge will compliment your in-studio classes perfectly & keep you on track! Open to all active Divas On Demand subscribers at no extra cost.

The Divas Experience in your own home

Learn from our world-class Divas instructors from your own living room! Our Divas On Demand classes all run like a class, so you will feel guided & motivated the whole time.

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